The digital revolution has also arrived in the world of casinos and, as has happened in the other sectors in which it has settled, has brought about numerous changes. Technology, thanks to the advancement of software and information technology, has given players the opportunity to “play from home” through their own screen (whether computer or smartphone) and now also allows you to play, live, with electronic gaming tables.

What are the advantages of electronic gaming tables?

Technological progress is transforming the gaming rooms of Casinos: for this reason, in the near future, the dealers could be replaced by software that will perform the same functions, perhaps with reduced costs and time.

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Indeed, the reasons that lead companies that manage casinos to introduce electronic gaming tables are numerous and of various kinds:

Reduced costs: although the management of technology has a cost, this seems not to be comparable to that of the staff at the tables.

 Increased loyalty and engagement: technology is certainly an element of engagement and novelty for the player who will benefit from a personalized experience.

In addition, it should be emphasized that the use of electronic gaming tables allows responding more immediately to the needs and habits of the new generations of players. If, in fact, until a few years ago, the world of casinos was made up of dealers and glimpses that inspired movies, today’s digital natives seem to prefer the presence of a tech interlocutor much.

Don’t confuse electronic gaming tables with online games

A fundamental aspect that allows one to understand the revolutionary scope of the introduction of electronic gaming tables is the difference between them and online games.

The latter presupposes the opening of a gaming account on the site, where you can test your skills. With the online games, you can play from both computers and smartphones directly from home, while the electronic gaming tables require that the player goes physically to the casino. It is, therefore, a substantial difference, which does not aim to upset the habits of those who want to attend the magical environment of the casino.

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In any case, one mode of play does not exclude the other: each player can decide, depending on the possibility that he has, to move and go to play in a live casino or to play at the online casino. Playing at the Online Casino is definitely synonymous with convenience, thanks to the possibility of placing your bet from your smartphone, App or mobile site anywhere and at any time. If you want to discover the world of online casinos, you can access all the information on the rules and how to participate by accessing the appropriate page of the portal: once you understand the rules and open your account, you can test your skills.