Dave Young the Blog Author

My name is Dave Young. And as a specialist and just a fan of gambling, I have been playing online casinos for a long time, and slot machines are my favourite pastime. Like many players, I regularly take the opportunity to try out different new models and understand their strengths and weaknesses. I used to repair slot machines at land-based casinos myself, so I know firsthand how they work.

As a true critic, I equally welcome any innovations related to slots.


On the DaveYoung site, I write author articles and guides for the blog so that those who came into the world of gambling can achieve certain successes. On the site, you can find many valuable tips on how to play slots effectively and beyond. Also, one of my favourite columns – what modern technology is used today in casinos. I try to make recommendations and describe good strategies that are quite different from the standard tips offered at gambling. Since I have been in the gambling business for quite a few years, I have met many people, so I know all the problems and concerns they have. So keep an eye on our site, because there is always something new in it for you.